Episode 19

#19 - Against Longtermism FAQ


February 1st, 2021

1 hr 30 mins 44 secs

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About this Episode

Back in the ring for round two on longtermism! We (Ben somewhat drunkenly) respond to some of the criticism of episode #17 and our two essays (Ben's, Vaden's) We touch on: 

  • Ben's hate mail from his piece on cliodynamics
  • Longtermism as implying altruistic portfolio shuffling
  • What on earth is Bayesian epistemology 
  • The Pasadena game
  • Authoritarianism and the danger of seeking perfection 
  • Arrow's theorem
  • Alternative decision theories focusing on error correction 
  • What's the probability of nuclear war before 2100?
  • When are models reliable 
  • What problems to work on 

You will, dear listener, be either pleased or horrified to learn that this will not be our last foray into longtermism. It's like choose your own adventure ... except we're choosing the adventure, and the adventure is longtermism. Next stop is the Hear this Idea podcast!

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