About Us

About Us

Increments was born as it will undoubtedly die: as a drunken argument between Ben and Vaden. The obvious next step after several such debates is to begin recording them, attempting to be slightly more coherent and slightly less drunk in the process. We're still working on both.

The podcast has no theme besides mayhem and exploration - we chat about whatever we fancy. Sometimes Vaden convinces Ben that something is a bad idea and they proceed to gang up on it together (*cough cough, longtermism, cough*). Sometimes they work through issues from first principles without preparing as much as they should, and sometimes they have guests on to really illustrate their lack of knowledge. The name increments comes from the principle of incremental progress advocated by our boy Karl Popper (the name Karl Popper diehard fan club was taken). That said, it's certainly up for debate whether what we're doing here counts as progress.

In all seriousness, we've been overjoyed by the support and engagement from our listeners, and we hope to be able to do this a long time yet! Love y'all, thanks for listening.

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