Episode 66

#66 - Sex Research, Addiction, and Financial Domination (w/ Aella)


April 18th, 2024

1 hr 6 mins 36 secs

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About this Episode

What do you get when you mix nerds and sex research? A deep dive into the world of fetish statistics, men's calibration about women's sexual preferences, and the crazy underground world of financial domination. Stay tuned as Aella walks the boys through the world of gangbangs, camming, OnlyFans, escorting, findom, and even live-tests Vaden's wild hypothesis against her huge, thick, dataset.

We discuss

  • How to describe what Aella does
  • Aella's bangin' birthday party
  • The state of sex research
  • Conservative and neo-trad pushback and whether Aella is immune from cancellation
  • Are men calibrated when it comes to predicting women's sexual preferences?
  • The wild world of findom (financial domination)
  • Is findom addiction worse than other addictions?
  • Differences between camming and OnlyFans
  • Can a fetish ever be considered self-harm?
  • Plus some live hypothesis testing! Does Vaden's hypothesis survive...?
  • Aella's forthcoming journal based on Rationalist principles

References from the ep

Findom References

(additional sources used for episode prep that weren't mention in the episode)


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