Episode 60

#60 - Creativity and Computational Universality (with Bruce Nielson)


January 3rd, 2024

1 hr 58 mins 42 secs

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About this Episode

Today we [finally] have on someone who actually knows what they're actually talking about: Mr. Bruce Nielson of the excellent Theory of Anything Podcast. We bring him on to straighten us out on the topics of creativity, machine intelligence, Turing machines, and computational universality - We build upon our previous conversation way back in Ask Us Anything I: Computation and Creativity, and suggest listening to that episode first.

Go follow Bruce on twitter (https://twitter.com/bnielson01) and check out his Theory of Anything Podcast here.

(Also Vaden's audio was acting up a bit in this episode, we humbly seek forgiveness.)

We discuss

  • Does theorem proving count as creativity?
  • Is AlphaGo creative?
  • Determinism, predictability, and chaos theory
  • Essentialism and a misunderstanding of definitions
  • Animal memes and understanding
  • Turing Machines and computational universality
  • Penrose's "proof" that we need new physics



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