Episode 49

#49 - AGI: Could The End Be Nigh? (With Rosie Campbell)


March 22nd, 2023

1 hr 24 mins 53 secs

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When big bearded men wearing fedoras begin yelling at you that the end is nigh and superintelligence is about to kill us all, what should you do? Vaden says don't panic, and Ben is simply awestruck by the ability to grow a beard in the first place.

To help us think through the potential risks and rewards of ever more impressive machine learning models, we invited Rosie Campbell on the podcast. Rosie is on the safety team at OpenAI and, while she's more worried about the existential risks of AI than we are, she's just as keen on some debate over a bottle of wine.

We discuss:

  • Whether machine learning poses an existential threat
  • How concerned we should be about existing AI
  • Whether deep learning can get us to artificial general intelligence (AGI)
  • If AI safety is simply quality assurance
  • How can we test if an AI system is creative?


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