Episode 36

#36 - Analyzing Effective Altruism as a Social Movement


January 26th, 2022

56 mins 15 secs

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About this Episode

In what is hopefully the last installment of Vaden and Ben debate Effective Altruism, we ask if EA lies on the cultishness (yes, that's a word) spectrum. We discuss:

  • The potential pitfall of having goodness as a core value
  • Aspects of Effective Altruism (EA) that put it on the cultishness spectrum
  • Does EA focus on good over truth?
  • Ben's experience with EA
  • Making criticism a core value
  • How does one resist the allure of groupthink?
  • How to (mis)behave at parties
  • How would one create a movement which doesn't succumb to cult-like dynamics?
  • Weird ideas as junk food

Error Correction intro segment

  • Scott Alexander pointing out that Ivermectin works indirectly via:

There’s a reason the most impressive ivermectin studies came from parts of the world where worms are prevalent, he says. Parasites suppress the immune system, making it more difficult for the human body to fight off viruses. Thus, getting rid of worm infections makes it easier for COVID-19 patients to bounce back from the virus.

See full post below and summary news article here

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